Hello, I'm Mina I run Baby in Heels, a small online design shop for Blogger designs and other cute things and soon Wordpress designs. My services included premade and custom blog templates.

I decided to create a blog and post things that interest from time to time, I wasn't very active, but I thought having a nice design would bring everything together in time. I started to look for designs to fit my blog, they were not what I was looking for. I decided then to make my own and every few weeks I would I would change my template depending on what I liked at them time.

I uploaded one of my templates online for free and there was so many people that downloaded it, that's when I opened my first shop on Etsy for premade templates. Although, I'm still in the first stages, it's going really well and slowly creating new designs and learning new things as I go.

People know that it's important to have a well-made website in order to keep viewers and fans happy. We all know first impressions make a huge impact on viewers, and even if the content is good enough, sometimes people won't stick around to read it when it's on a crowded website. That’s what I am here to help with, I try to stay up to date what's going on in the marketplace. Not just the look that's important, the way a blog/website functions is as important, especially when different devices are used nowadays.

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